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  • Holocaust revisionist bishop lands in Britian

    A Holocaust revisionist bishop landed in his native Britain to face criticism from activists who have described him as an anti-Semite.

  • Brown signs declaration against anti-Semitism

    Britain’s prime minister became the first world leader to sign the London Declaration on combating anti-Semitism.

  • Conference: Anti-Semitic passions are aflame

    At a conference in Britain on anti-Semitism, experts and politicians from 42 countries said they faced challenges unmatched by anything they’ve seen for decades.

  • Legislators say never again to anti-Semitism

    Legislators from 42 countries signed a declaration recommending a series of strategies to tackle global anti-Semitism.

  • British academics protest Israel museum exhibit

    A group of anti-Israel academics chided London’s Science Museum for renting space for an exhibition celebrating Israel’s scientific achievements.

  • Report accused of unfairly focusing on British kosher stores

    A Dutch company hired to research exports to Britain from West Bank settlements unfairly focuses on kosher stores, a rights group charged.

  • Report: Israel assassinating Iranian nuclear scientists

    Israel is assassinating Iranian nuclear scientists as part of a covert war against the Islamic Republic’s weapons program, according to a London newspaper.

  • Britain arrests Gaza-bound terror suspects

    British anti-terrorism police arrested three men allegedly planning a terror attack as they left to join a Gaza aid convoy leaving from London.

  • Anti-Semitic incidents in Britain fall slightly

    Anti-Semitic incidents in Britain fell slightly during 2008, but this figure was overshadowed by the unprecedented rise in anti-Semitic incidents since the start of Israel’s military action in Gaza.

  • Pro-Palestinian group taking divestment credit

    A pro-Palestinian group is claiming that the Church of England’s decision to divest from Caterpillar is on ethical rather than financial grounds.