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  • Pump up the volume: Music propels the way to a rededicated Jewish life

    Chanukah means dedication, so it’s a great time to do a little rededication of our Jewish lives. Classic and contemporary Chanukah music can help.

  • Taking seven steps to ‘Sukkot happiness’

    “Sukkot happy” is a bit different from the kind of happy that our post-modern culture espouses. Here is a plan with seven steps to help you get there.

  • Make this the year of the apology

    The phrase “I’m sorry” kicks off a process of profound self-transformation, so this High Holidays season, let it be your “year of the apology,” Dasee Berkowitz writes.

  • Through women of the Haggadah, deepening the seder experience

    Expanding the notion of the Passover tale by letting the righteous women of the Exodus story lead the way.

  • Turning the world upside-down on Purim

    Purim is the “upside-down” holiday, so consider performing its mitzvahs in new, unusual ways.

  • A twist on Chanukah giving

    Give of yourself this Chanukah season on each night of the holiday, Jewish life-cycle consultant Dasee Berkowitz suggests.

  • Judaism without the “experts”

    Some folks in the Jewish community decry the rise in “privatized Judaism.” From a Jewish institutional perspective, this makes perfect sense. The bar or bat mitzvah celebration that takes place outside of the synagogue; the wedding officiated by friends of the couple without a rabbi present; couples who create their own wedding ceremony mixing Jewish…

  • A Jewish wedding without God?

    As a Jewish life cycle consultant who guides couples and families toward creating meaningful ceremonies, I am presented with all sorts of creative, sometimes puzzling requests from couples planning their weddings. One client had a particularly interesting request — a Jewish wedding ceremony that left God out of it. Both members of the couple are…