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  • Op-Ed: The anti-Israel trend you’ve never heard of

    Intersectionality — the idea that forms of oppression are inherently linked — is key to understanding why Israel is so maligned on American campuses, the new JCPA chief writes.

  • Op-Ed: Israel’s political cycle not stuck on the right

    Politics, like business, has its own natural cycle, and Israel is no stranger to the political cycle, writes the head of the David Project.

  • Op-Ed: Kick the reaction addiction on campus

    Some in the pro-Israel community react to every anti-Israel infraction on campus, but the real work in supporting Israel isn’t reactive at all but targets the influencers with a positive, pro-Israel message, writes the head of The David Project.

  • Op-Ed: The real danger of delegitimizing Israel on campus

    The environment on some U.S. campuses, where Israel is facing hostilities, has the potential to erode future U.S. support for Israel, the head of the David Project writes.