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is JTA's correspondent in Prague. She has been covering the former Eastern European bloc since 1990 and currently serves as the news editor of The Prague Post. The former Europe editor for Travel Weekly, she also contributes to several other publications, including The Independent on Sunday, Conde Nast Traveler and several guidebooks on the Czech Republic.


  • France, others quit EJC

    A long-simmering battle between West and East over control of the European Jewish Congress is being cited as the reason for France’s withdrawal this week from the organization.

  • Uproar over book on Polish anti-Semitism

    Angry reaction in Poland to the book by a Polish-born historian on anti-Semitism in the country after the Holocaust underscores the great discomfort many Poles have about revisiting ugly episodes in their history.

  • Kollel hopes to help Warsaw revival

    Seven decades after Warsaw’s renowned yeshivas were wiped out by the Nazis, a new Talmud study kollel has opened in the city as part of ongoing attempts to return Jewish life to Poland.

  • Kosovo nationhood: Problem for Israel?

    Will Kosovo’s independence from Serbia give radical Islam a potential foothold in Europe or set a dangerous precedent for foreign interference in bilateral disputes with implications for Israeli-Palestinian peacemaking?

  • Jews at center of British scandal

    The involvement of two Jews at the center of a Labor Party scandal is making many British Jews uncomfortable, but there seems to be no alarming anti-Jewish media coverage or signs of anti-Semitic fallout.

  • Amid extremism, Serbian Jews flourish

    Jewish life in Serbia is flourishing despite rising Serbian right-wing nationalism ahead of the expected move by Kosovo to declare independence.

  • Reform Jews build ties across ocean

    A recent 10-day trip by some two dozen U.S. Reform rabbis to Reform congregations in Prague, Budapest and Warsaw is part of a new collaborative effort by the movement’s leadership in the United States and Europe to strengthen ties between communities.

  • Czechs stand up to neo-Nazis

    A massive demonstration in Prague against a neo-Nazi march in the city marked the first time in recent memory that masses of non-Jews in a former Eastern bloc capital took to the streets to protest anti-Semitism. Observers hailed it as a turning point for

  • Czechs question Iranian on Israel

    An Iranian parliamentary leader visiting Prague was given a lesson in open democracy when audience members at a public forum peppered him with questions about Iran’s calls for Israel’s destruction and the nuclear program in his country.

  • Holocaust art claim poses dilemma

    One of the largest claims for Nazi-era art highlights a contentious area in the quest for Holocaust restitution: how to evaluate World War II-era sales by Jewish art dealers in Nazi-occupied lands.