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  • ‘Friday Night Dinner’ may be coming to U.S. TV

    The traditional Shabbat dinner might be coming to American television.

  • Roseanne Barr: Meditate with me at Jewish retreat center

    Television star Roseanne Barr is slated to host a women’s spirituality and meditation weekend at the Isabella Freedman Jewish Retreat Center later this month.

  • Persian Jewish Von Trapp offers new spin on penitence

    Galeet Dardashti in her new show, “Monajat,” has taken the 13th-century Sufi poem of the same name and blended it into the traditional Persian songs and liturgy for Selichot, the penitential prayers recited by Jews in the days leading up to the High Holidays.

  • Q&A with ‘El Bloombito,’ Bloomberg’s Spanish-speaking doppelganger

    Rachel Figueroa-Levin, aka “El Bloombito.” () Now that most of the subway service has resumed, the trees have been cleared and cynicism has been restored to the city, Hurricane Irene is probably destined to be forgotten by most city denizens by the end of the week. But who could forget Mayor Bloomberg’s attempts to speak…

  • New York City earthquake – what does it mean for the Jews?

    A couple of hours ago, as anyone with proprioreception and a Twitter account knows, an earthquake of 5.8 magnitude struck the East Coast. While technically the epicenter of the quake was in Richmond, Virginia, many miles from New York City, we did feel the tremors here for a good 15 seconds. And since New York…

  • The best of gymnastics and ‘Hava Nagila,’ a video retrospective

    As I note in this recent article, 17-year-old American Jewish gymnast Alexandra Raisman is joining the growing list of competitors who have hoped to ride Hava Nagila to an Olympic medal. Here’s Raisman at the Cover Girl Classic earlier this year, the first time Raisman performed this routine outside of the gym and training camps….

  • Top gymnast gives ‘Hava Nagila’ a perfect 10

    American Jewish gymnast Alexandra Raisman, 17, joins the list of top-level competitors who have tried to ride the Jewish folk tune to an Olympic medal.

  • Will the new ‘Dirty Dancing’ be Jewish?

    When I first heard that Lionsgate was remaking the classic ’80s movie "Dirty Dancing," I had two questions: One, why won’t Hollywood leave my childhood alone? And two, will this update be as culturally Jewish as the original? While the first question is obviously rhetorical — no, they won’t leave me alone with my nostalgia…

  • Mourning Amy Winehouse: A biblical vixen goes back to black

    Amy Winehouse brought a thoroughly modern — and Jewish — sensibility to her lyrics and performances. Her songs and tone dripped with regret, but also the inevitability of her bad behavior. Any astute listener knew that she probably wasn’t going to change, writes Dvora Meyers.