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  • Synagogues working to be more open to gays

    A recent conference in New York attracted a cadre of about 60 rabbis, educators and activists who shared “best practices” for becoming more welcoming to gay and lesbian Jews.

  • Survey: Few synagogues actively welcome gays

    Few synagogues actively welcome gay and lesbian Jews, a new survey finds.

  • Activists jockey during Obama transition

    The weeks leading up to the inauguration of a new U.S. president can be heady times for those seeking the ear of the incoming administration, so it’s no surprise that Jews on both ends of the political spectrum already are moving to stake out positions and rally their members.

  • Kids museum teaches tolerance

    A new Jewish kids museum in a Brooklyn neighborhood once the site of race riots pitting Jews and blacks against each other, aims to teach both Jews and non-Jews about Judaism and tolerance.

  • Spiritual leader’s legacy lives on

    Ten years after the death of Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach, his followers are working to keep Carlebach’s philosophy of open-minded, inclusive spirituality alive.

  • Israeli deaf and blind troupe hits U.S.

    A troupe of deaf and blind Israeli actors use exaggerated facial expressions and graceful swoops of their hands to communicate their dreams in sign language and mime.

  • JTA wins journalism awards

    JTA┬┤s investigative series on the Ford Foundation earned a top Simon Rockower Award for Excellence in Jewish Journalism, while The Jewish Journal of Los Angeles swept all three awards in the feature writing category.

  • Israelis, N.Y. firefighters play hoops for charity

    Though the Israeli basketball team, which included some of the biggest names in Israel’s hoops history, lost to the New York Fire Department in a charity game, the event was a success for both squads, raising money for their charities and building friends

  • Yeshiva students bet on March Madness

    Betting in school may be forbidden, but Jewish teenagers at yeshiva high schools don’t want to be left out while the rest of the country goes crazy for college basketball during March Madness.

  • Chicken soup contest for Jewish souls

    A chicken soup cook-off was a fun way for a Jewish outreach organization to advertise the 8th annual Shabbat Across America program.