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  • Making Grandma’s charoset (or how I learned to love Passover)

    (JTA) — When I walked into the house through the back door one day as a young man, I was shocked to see my mother in the kitchen. To put it mildly, this was not one of her favorite places. When I asked her why she was there, a look of panic crossed her face….

  • Op-Ed: Jewish values dictate protecting gay marriage

    Edgar Bronfman writes that he now sees the protection of gay marriage as a manifestation of the Jewish value of seeking justice for those who are enslaved.

  • Op-Ed: Judaism must embrace its ‘doubters’

    Acknowledging a Judaism that embraces doubt is one way in which we can expand our tent, writes Edgar M. Bronfman.

  • Op-Ed: Obama has helped make Israel safer

    President Obama’s comprehensive pro-Israel agenda increases Israel’s security, writes the former president of the World Jewish Congress.

  • Op-Ed: Pluralism means finding your place in the Jewish story

    Jews share a rich heritage, so all who wish to come into the Jewish community must be welcome, writes the president of The Samuel Bronfman Foundation.

  • Op-Ed: A time to innovate

    Edgar Bronfman argues that it would be a major mistake for the Jewish community to give up on the value of innovation just because the stock market has fallen.

  • Synagogues must experiment

    An ethos of experimentation is needed to attract more people to Judaism and create a renaissance in Jewish life, Edgar Bronfman writes.