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  • Lighting a Jewish fuse on the Fourth

    Here are eight Jewish connections that help bring a Jewish spark to America’s day of independence, which this year falls on Shabbat.

  • Summer vacation: J-Tours and detours into Jewish geography

    On vacation, our eyes come alive with new signs of Jewish life in the streets, shops, even in the faces and speech patterns of fellow travelers, Edmon J. Rodman writes.

  • On Shavuot, why is that calligraphy singing?

    A new wave of Torah readers is coming online, literally. How do they do it? And shouldn’t you?

  • Make a flag to salute in the Galut

    For Yom Ha’Atzmaut, as an act of re-envisionment, make your own Jewish flag and fly it — it’s your Jewishness waving at you.

  • Elijah’s comin’ — and he’s not goin’

    What if the prophet stops by for the seder but never leaves?

  • Kramer at the seder: Pop culture jazzes Haggadah

    For a different “different” night, introduce books, movies and TV shows that have engaged the popular imagination as a way to connect to the text.

  • Simplifying the Purim parody

    iShpiel saves time and perfects the art of casting the perfect shpiel.

  • Giving Jews some much-needed love on Valentine’s Day

    Valentine’s Day may not be Jewish, but a card with a “yasher koach” would be awfully nice right now for a community rocked by affinity scams, budget meltdowns and protest demonstrations.

  • Backyard bounty for a Tu B’Shevat seder

    In California, who needs a market to celebrate the new year for trees? Assembling the foods for your seder is definitely doable and helps make connections to the mystics and your roots.

  • OP-ED: Welcoming a new day for the stranger

    Perhaps a holiday inspired by the work of Martin Luther King will get Jews to follow the mitzvah most cited in the Torah — the need for awareness of and justice for the stranger.