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  • The miracle this recession year: Chanukah thrift shopping

    Jewish thrift shopping provides an opening not only to stretch one’s budget in tough times but to support organizations hard at work repairing our communities.

  • Pass the turkey, B’vakasha!

    With relatives flying in from eretz everywhere, with drama in the kitchen and at the table, and a time to give thanks and say shehechiyanu for being able to celebrate together another year, Thanksgiving surely is as an adopted Jewish day of family gathering.

  • Halloween or Shabbat? A tricky choice

    As Friday, Oct. 31 approaches, a debate between traditions is raging in many Jewish homes: challah vs. candy, the Sabbath Queen vs. the Pumpkin King, blue homes vs. orange.

  • Who’s in your sukkah?

    Creating a personal list of ushpizin, guests for your sukkah, can add to the season of joy.

  • The shofar – a rhapsody in green

    In a year of sustainability and carbon footprints, high gas and hybrids, the shofar is the simplest, most eco-friendly method of reaching the Jewish community with a vital message.

  • Write your own dirge for Tisha B’Av

    Writing your own kinah, or dirge, could help forge a more intimate connection with Tisha B’Av, the fast day that commemorates a series of tragic events in Jewish history.

  • At Shavuot, praise for the scroll

    As Shavuot and its focus on receiving the Torah approach, Los Angeles writer Edmon J. Rodman unfurls a paean to the scroll.