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  • At Passover, finding a kosher path out of Egypt

    Going the kosher route for a year since last Passover has had its difficulties, but columnist Edmon Rodman says he’s not going back.

  • At Purim, communal connections heat up

    Coming together for annual hamantashen fund-raiser brings the bakers closer to their Southern California temple. But now there’s a tinge of controversy over flavors.

  • A Valentine for Jews: Return to sender?

    Jews — because of their looks, humor or good character — are attracting “the other.” Should they accept their Valentines?

  • A down-to-earth, ‘Avatar’ Tu B’Shvat

    Like the Na’vi who worship trees in “Avatar,” Jews will celebrate the New Year for Trees on Jan. 30, expressing in song and seder a kind of tree love as well.

  • On New Year’s Day, cheering for hands-on Judaism

    The first day of the new year, a Friday night, is a perfect time to have a Shabbat with family and friends, and to bless the kids.

  • At Chanukah, lighting up the tzedakah stairway

    At the Festival of Lights time or anytime — on the street, at your door, in the mail or online — there are many ways to respond to requests for tzedakah.

  • Table talk for a Jewish Thanksgiving

    For what should a Jew be thankful? Here’s a discussion for the table and a few answers.

  • When Havdalah haunts Halloween

    JTA columnist Edmon Rodman suggests that this Saturday night is the perfect time to accentuate the distinction between Holy Shabbat time and the secular every day.

  • Raising sukkahs and consciousness the DIY way

    As you lay out the materials and tools to build your own sukkah, as you define the space that will define your season of joy, think about this: As you build the sukkah, is the sukkah building you?

  • Reading the stones of Rosh Hashanah

    Hebrew headstones are talking. As the Jewish New Year approaches, we have a good chance to listen — an opportunity, really, to honor lives lived, and to deepen our understanding of Jewish time and place by visiting a Jewish cemetery.