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  • Christian Zionist group launches lobbying fund to oppose Iran pact

    Christians United for Israel has added a political fundraising arm and is ready to rumble.

  • Op-Ed: Want to stop Iran’s nukes? Use less oil

    Author Edwin Black says a simple software update could dramatically reduce the amount of oil consumed by transportation — and take a bite out of Iran’s oil revenues.

  • Remembering Robert Wolfe, guardian of Nazi-era archives

    The chief archivist for captured Nazi documents at the National Archives singlehandedly galvanized a generation of Holocaust and Nazi-era historians and authors, writes Edwin Black.

  • Op-Ed: How the United States fans the flames of Mideast conflict

    Via the author Edwin Black, here’s a way to expand the possibility of peace: The U.S. should cut funding to the Palestinian Authority until the P.A. halts its mandated practice of paying generous salaries to convicted terrorists.

  • Op-Ed: American corporate complicity created undeniable Nazi nexus

    The shape and scope of the Holocaust was pivotally determined by major American industrial giants, best-selling author Edwin Black writes.

  • Survivors blast museum over archive

    Holocaust survivors are venting their anger at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum over its decision not to allow immediate electronic access to the long-secret records of the International Tracing Service at Bad Arolsen, Germany.

  • Holocaust archive coming to D.C.

    The International Tracing Service’s secret Holocaust archive at Bad Arolsen, Germany, is preparing to transfer millions of images of concentration-camp prisoner documents to the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum under embargo, according to sources.

  • Survivors still seek justice

    Holocaust survivor groups and key congressional leaders have joined two separate issues — the opening of the Bad Arolsen archives on Holocaust victims and the quest to recover unpaid insurance claims — into a single cause.

  • Exposing Iran’s links to the Nazis

    Though Iran’s president now describes the Holocaust as a myth, his country was closely tied to the Nazis before and during World War II.

  • Report: Moses, Israelites flee Egypt

    Following a series of inexplicable natural disasters, a huge troop of Israelites is reported to have fled Egypt in the dead of night, while the pursuing Egyptian armies were last seen foundering in the Red Sea.