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  • Ford takes steps on funding

    The Ford Foundation has taken its first steps to fulfill a pledge to reverse its funding for organizations engaged in anti-Israel agitation.

  • Ford to stop funding hate groups

    In a stunning reversal, the Ford Foundation has admitted it erred in funding anti-Israeli Palestinian groups and promised to establish tough new guidelines to stop its funds from being used for anti-Semitic action anywhere in the world.

  • Senator pledges Ford investigation

    The head of the Senate Finance Committee said he would order an investigation into Ford Foundation support for anti-Israel groups the senator called “terrorist front organizations.”

  • Legal action to follow Ford revelations?

    A Jewish group is considering legal action against the Ford Foundation in the wake of revelations that the charity is spending millions to fund organizations engaged in anti-Israel agitation.

  • Part 1: Ford funded Durban activists

    Part 1 of “Funding Hate,” a JTA investigative series, reveals that funding for many of the groups that fueled anti-Israel activity at a U.N. conference on racism came from the Ford Foundation, one of America’s largest philanthropic institutions.

  • Part 2: Ford’s Mideast money trail

    Part 2 of “Funding Hate,” a JTA investigative series, shows the tangled web of groups that benefit from Ford Foundation funding, including many Palestinian organizations that promote anti-Israel activity.

  • Part 3: U.S. worries about transparency

    Part 3 of “Funding Hate,” a JTA investigative series, reveals the growing concern by the U.S. government over how funds pumped into Palestinian non-governmental organizations are being used, and whether some of these monies end up supporting terrorism.

  • Part 4: Case study of a Ford grantee

    Part 4 of “Funding Hate,” a JTA investigative series, examines the murky money trail from a Palestinian organization that has received millions of dollars from the Ford Foundation and other high-profile funders.