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  • Anti-Israel diatribe raises stir in Holland

    Anti-Semitic, pro-Palestinian comments from the European Central Bank president’s wife are nothing new — but some say Gretta Duisenberg went too far this time.

  • Netherlands may ban Islamic group

    Dutch politicians are debating whether to block an Islamic group, the Arab European League, from establishing branches in Holland.

  • Palestinian flag fever sweeps Netherlands

    Palestinian flag sales are booming in the Netherlands as pro-Palestinian groups prepare for a “National Palestinian Flag Day,” the latest development in a flag war that began on a quiet Amsterdam street.

  • Dutch Jews try to counter stark outlook

    AMSTERDAM, Nov. 6 (JTA) — Dutch Jewish leaders are working to devise programs and responses to counter a sobering demographic survey of the Jewish community, the first one conducted in 35 years. On a recent Friday morning, Amsterdam’s Jewish Cultural Center was deserted but for four Jewish movers and shakers discussing ways to follow up…

  • Results of Dutch Jewry survey sobering

    AMSTERDAM, Oct. 30 (JTA) — The first demographic survey of Dutch Jewry in 35 years has yielded some sobering results. According to the survey, more than two-thirds of Dutch Jews are unmarried at 30, more than twice the rate among the general population. In some age brackets, the rate of divorce among Jews is double…