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  • Op-Ed: Hillel is an open forum

    In advance of the ‘Open Hillel’ conference, Hillel International’s CEO explains why pluralism and support for Israel are not contradictions.

  • Health care vote could mean tough campaign for some Jewish Dems

    For Democratic Congress members in vulnerable districts, the vote on the health care bill could be key in determining success or failure in November — depending on where the economy is.

  • Another protester gets in

    Just like during Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech last night, the speech by Quartet Representative to the Middle East Tony Blair was interrupted Tuesday morning by a protester screaming and holding a sign. In this release, Code Pink takes credit for the Netanyahu interruptions, and considering the Blair protester was holding a pink sign,…

  • IDF in Haiti: It’s about morality, not self-interest

    The Chief Medical Officer of the Israel Defense Forces’ field hospital in Haiti spoke this morning at the AIPAC conference, and offered a rebuke to those who had called Israel’s efforts after the Haitian earthquake as partly rooted in self-interest or good press for the Jewish state. If it was really about self-interest, asked Col….

  • Blair calls for immediate direct negotiations

    Tony Blair called for “face-to-face,” direct negotiations between the leaders of Israel and the Palestinian Authority as soon as possible.

  • Protesters and roll calls

    Is it really worth paying hundreds of dollars to attend the AIPAC conference, just to spend a few seconds screaming at the Israeli prime minister? Apparently it was for three people Monday evening, who were thrown out of AIPAC’s annual banquet on Monday evening for trying to interrupt Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech. We…

  • Do we want daylight?

    Daylight — when it comes to the U.S.-Israel relationship, last year it was a good thing. But today at the AIPAC policy conference it was something that should be avoided, said Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. When top Jewish leaders had their first meeting with President Barack Obama last summer, the most talked-about moment that…

  • Clinton: Settlements undermine U.S. role

    U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said Jewish settlement construction “undermines America’s unique ability to play a role” in the peace process and that the “status quo is unsustainable.”

  • A message for Palestinians in the Israel-U.S. disagreement?

    Jeffrey Goldberg lamented the other day that the AIPAC policy conference had too many speakers from the center-right and not enough from the left. One exception he did cite was Ghaith al-Omari, advocacy director for the American Task Force on Palestine, who spoke Sunday afternoon on a panel entitled "Prognosticating Peace: Are Direct Israeli-Palestinian Talks…

  • AIPAC policy conference begins

    Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu won’t be giving their heavily anticipated speeches until Monday, but the 2010 AIPAC policy conference has begun, and the presentation has some new bells and whistles this year — at least for the first session. The opening panel discussion — featuring former Tzvipi Livni adviser…