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  • Liberal bloggers criticize liberal hero for embracing AIPAC, Israeli officials

    Rep. Alan Grayson become something of a folk hero in the liberal blogosphere (and a boogeyman to conservatives) after his vocal criticisms of Republicans, particularly when he called the current health-care system in the United States a "holocaust." But now some liberal pundits are criticizing Grayson because they say he’s too supportive of Israeli policies….

  • ADL, URJ join others on workplace discrimination brief

    The ADL and the Union of Reform Judaism are among 30 civil rights groups who signed on to an amicus brief urging the Supreme Court to overturn a lower court ruling that limited the time within victims of workplace discrimination could file claims. The 7th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that firefighters who wanted a…

  • ADL, AJC join brief on Wiccan clergyman (UPDATED)

    The Anti-Defamation League and the American Jewish Committee have signed on to an Americans United for Church and State amicus brief arguing that a Wiccan clergyman should be able to challenge a state prison policy that limits paid chaplaincy positions to people who are Protestant, Catholic, Jewish, Muslim or Native American. The court said a…

  • AJC denounces Spanish newspaper’s slur

    The American Jewish Committee is condemning an article in one of Spain’s leading newspapers, El Mundo, alleging that the Honduran economy is controlled by five Jewish families. Here’s their statement: AJC denounced today’s El Mundo news article asserting the alleged “control by five Jewish families” of the Honduras economy. The article in one of Spain’s…

  • Mitchell talks negotiating tracks

    Middle East Bulletin, the publication of the liberal Center for American Progress’ Middle East Progress initiative, has an interview with Obama administration Middle East envoy George Mitchell. While he mostly speaks in "diplomat-ese," he does discuss the multi-track negotiating approach that the U.S. hopes to take if the Palestinians agree to come to the table:…

  • Conservatives rap ADL report on anti-government anger

    Some conservatives are accusing the Anti-Defamation League of launching a partisan attack following its report asserting that a “current of anti-government hostility” has swept the United States in the year since Barack Obama was elected.

  • Reform movement condemns Iran’s actions

    The Reform movement says Iran’s "ongoing defiance of international nuclear non-proliferation agreements is unacceptable" — and that Iran’s "obstinacy and its announcement of plans to build ten new uranium enrichment plants leave us with little faith that Iran is willing to productively negotiate with the global community." In a statement, Religious Action Center of Reform…

  • Holocaust survivor, savior reunite 64 years later

    A Holocaust survivor and the man whose family hid him from the Nazis in Poland reunited for the first time in 64 years.

  • Tidbits: Afghanistan’s impact

    A few links of interest from recent days: Jim Besser in The Jewish Week on how Afghanistan will affect a variety of issues on the Jewish agenda. Georgetown University professor Jacques Berlinerblau interviews J Street’s Hadar Susskind and The Weekly Standard’s Michael Goldfarb about J Street. And after the jump, D.C. Rabbi Shmuel Herzfeld writes…

  • ZOA, J Street react to freeze

    A couple more reactions to last week’s settlement freeze announcement that we didn’t get to over Thanksgiving. First, the Zionist Organization of America says it is strongly opposed to the Netanyahu government’s decision: We would oppose freezing Jewish construction in any event, as Jews have a right to live in their religious and historic homeland….