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  • Swiss shul edgy over fire probe

    After backing off their initial claims that a fire at Geneva’s largest synagogue was set deliberately, police are still investigating – and community life goes on amid the shock and tension.

  • Swiss Jews harassed

    A series of anti-Semitic incidents, coming on the heels of a stepped-up pro-Palestinian campaign on campuses, has caused alarm in Switzerland. The Swiss government is organizing a forum to address the problem.

  • Swiss blasted on ‘Geneva accord’

    Swiss legislators are accusing their government of wasting money and compromising the country´s neutrality by supporting the "Geneva accord," but Swiss Jews are divided on the issue.

  • Swiss leader backtracks on vow to help survivors

    The president of Switzerland has backtracked on a vow to help Holocaust survivors made by a predecessor, claiming it would not be legally possible.

  • Swiss group wants to bar kosher slaughter

    Switzerland´s Jewish community is gearing up for a fight with an animal rights group that wants to bar Jewish ritual slaughter.

  • Holocaust denier has links to Al Qaida

    A Holocaust denier has admitted having links to members of Osama bin Laden´s Al Qaida terror network.

  • Swiss whistle-blower claims poverty

    ZURICH, July 16 (JTA) — A former security guard who prevented the shredding of vital Holocaust-era bank records four years ago now claims he is going broke. In an interview with the Swiss news magazine Facts, Christoph Meili described his financial situation as dire. “I have not yet received a single dollar” of the $1…

  • Swiss Jews shocked by rabbi’s murder

    ZURICH, June 10 (JTA) — Switzerland’s Jewish community reacted with shock and fear after a 71-year-old rabbi visiting from Israel was gunned down on the streets here. Swiss investigators said they believe anti-Semitism or a political motive was behind the June 7 shooting death of Rabbi Abraham Greenbaum. They said robbery was an unlikely motive…

  • Swiss trial of Mossad agent begins

    LAUSANNE, Switzerland, July 3 (JTA) — Switzerland’s highest court is forcing Israel’s Mossad to relive one of its most embarrassing episodes. On Monday, the Federal Court began trying an agent with Israel’s foreign intelligence service for his role in a botched wiretap attempt. The defendant gave the court a pseudonym, Isaac Bental, out of concerns…

  • Swiss panel charges politicians made anti-Semitism ‘acceptable

    ZURICH, Nov. 8 (JTA) – The debate about Switzerland’s wartime dealings with the Nazis has fueled a wave of anti-Semitism in the Alpine nation, the country’s human rights watchdog panel said. The Federal Commission Against Racism said in a report issued Nov. 5 that “latent anti-Semitism is again being increasingly expressed in public by word…