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  • Stop keeping out non-Jews

    A new study showing that Americans are switching religions more than ever proves that U.S. Jewry needs a new strategy, says Gary Tobin.

  • Holocaust denier accuses judges

    A Holocaust denier accused two Jewish federal justices in Australia of “propagating the Jewish Holocaust” to “protect an historical lie.”

  • Tough questions for federations

    North American federations embody the ideas of community, common cause and the ability to respond to collective concerns. But the current system is becoming unglued and changes need to be made, Gary Tobin, a longtime federation consultant, writes in the f

  • Giving to non-Jews is good, too

    It is wrong to assume that foundations established by Jews that give to secular causes have lost their way. Jews are involved global citizens and many feel they can express their Jewish sensibilities by serving the larger society.

  • In face of intermarriage, open doors

    Instead of fighting to prevent intermarriage, the Jewish community should be promoting the joys, meaning and benefits of Jewish life, vigorously promoting conversion, Gary Tobin writes.

  • OP-ED

    Past donations show that wealthy American Jews have no problem parting with tens or hundreds of millions of dollars at a time. But why don’t they give more to Jewish causes? Gary Tobin asks.