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  • Why progressive Jews mustn’t give up on Zionism

    NEW YORK (JTA) — As progressive American Zionists, we take seriously the critique of Israel and Zionism by professors Hasia Diner and Marjorie N. Feld, contained in their Aug. 1 Haaretz article, “We’re American Jewish Historians. This is why we’ve left Zionism behind.” However, unlike them, we affirm progressive Zionist values. And those values mandate activism in…

  • Op-Ed: What we’d like to hear from Netanyahu on Iran

    Two leaders of the progressive Zionist group Ameinu write that the Israeli prime minister’s insistence on addressing Congress is an attempt to gain an edge in upcoming Israeli elections.

  • Op-Ed: Immigration overhaul is a job for the U.S. Congress

    Without Congress taking a leadership role on immigration, other states will follow Arizona’s suit, so the Jewish community must stand together in defense of immigrants because once we were strangers, too, the president of HIAS writes.

  • Soldiers shoot mentally challenged Palestinian

    Israeli soldiers shot and critically injured a mentally challenged Palestinian man.

  • Dutch recall spy from Iran fearing U.S. attack

    The Dutch intelligence service stopped an espionage operation in Iran because of an “impending U.S. attack.”

  • Immigration is good for U.S.

    Gideon Aronoff, the president and CEO of HIAS, rejects claims that immigration has hurt American workers.

  • Court orders P.A. to pay compensation

    Israel can enforce a U.S. court ruling ordering the Palestinian Authority to compensate terror victims, an Israeli court ruled.

  • McCain camp rejects Buchanan claims

    The McCain camp rejected claims by Democrats that Sarah Palin once associated with Pat Buchanan.

  • Kidnapped Israeli freed in Nigeria

    An Israeli man kidnapped in Nigeria was set free.

  • Aliyah collaboration set

    The Jewish Agency has agreed to an official collaboration on North American aliyah with Nefesh B’Nefesh.