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  • A 15-year Israel plan

    The Reut Institute’s Gidi Grinstein says Israel must become obsessed by a vision that calls for it to become one of the 15 most developed nations within 15 years.

  • Transforming philanthropy in Israel

    Jewish philanthropy in Israel needs a major overhaul or risks becoming marginalized, Gidi Grinstein writes.

  • A Pyrrhic victory for Hamas?

    The Hamas coup in Gaza last week may seem like a victory for Iran and its followers, who now have a foothold on Israel’s doorstep. But if Israel plays its cards wisely, it may turn things around, a leading Israeli strategist writes.

  • Israel needs security rethink

    The war in Lebanon showed that Israel’s national security challenges are gravitating from the “harder” security-military sphere to “softer” areas of diplomacy, politics, legitimacy and international law. It’s time to update the country’s national security