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  • Abbas to Rice: Stop settlement expansion

    Mahmoud Abbas asked White House officials for their support in pressuring Israel to stop settlement expansion.

  • Human rights board: Mezuzah can stay

    A condo association discriminated against a Jewish resident with a mezuzah on her door, a Florida human rights board ruled.

  • JDate earns a Webby

    JDate was honored in the 12th annual Webby Awards.

  • Geneva may be site for racism confab

    South Africa reportedly dropped its bid to host a second U.N. anti-racism conference in Durban.

  • Grants awarded for communal projects

    Thirty-five young Jewish activists from around the world will get seed money to launch innovative communal projects.

  • A 15-year Israel plan

    The Reut Institute’s Gidi Grinstein says Israel must become obsessed by a vision that calls for it to become one of the 15 most developed nations within 15 years.

  • Transforming philanthropy in Israel

    Jewish philanthropy in Israel needs a major overhaul or risks becoming marginalized, Gidi Grinstein writes.

  • Gaza gunman killed

    Israeli forces killed a Gazan gunman.

  • Peres praises Sderot ‘soldiers

    Children in an Israeli border town shelled by Palestinian terrorists are like front-line soldiers, Shimon Peres said.

  • Australians protesting Croat’s concert

    Jewish community officials are protesting a Melbourne club’s plans to host a Croatian rock star favored by neo-Nazis.