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  • Australians protesting Croat’s concert

    Jewish community officials are protesting a Melbourne club’s plans to host a Croatian rock star favored by neo-Nazis.

  • U.N. condemns rocket attack

    U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon condemned the rocket attack on northern Israel.

  • Tanks secure Gaza crossing

    Israeli tanks briefly entered the Gaza Strip to secure a border crossing.

  • Israeli chokehold on Gaza

    Israel plans to condition its release of frozen Palestinian Authority tax funds on the money not reaching the Gaza Strip.

  • New calls to free Barghouti

    An Israeli official called for a jailed Palestinian militia leader to be released in a bid to boost Mahmoud Abbas.

  • A Pyrrhic victory for Hamas?

    The Hamas coup in Gaza last week may seem like a victory for Iran and its followers, who now have a foothold on Israel’s doorstep. But if Israel plays its cards wisely, it may turn things around, a leading Israeli strategist writes.

  • Report: Syria would let Israelis stay on Golan

    Syria reportedly offered to let Israelis living on the Golan Heights remain should it recover the territory.

  • Honorary Polish consul named

    Philanthropist Tad Taube was appointed honorary consul for Poland in San Francisco.

  • House salutes Soviet Jewry activist

    The U.S. House of Representatives honored Soviet Jewry activist Jacob Birnbaum.

  • Olmert ready for final-status talks

    Ehud Olmert said he was ready to take steps toward final-status negotiations with the Palestinians.