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  • Violence on Lebanon border

    The Israeli-Arab violence that occurred over the weekend is the deadliest since the Palestinians declared a cease-fire five weeks ago. The attacks along Israel�s northern border with Lebanon raised the specter of a second front in Israel�s war against

  • A brief history of Hezbollah

    Hezbollah’s evolution from its creation after Israel’s 1982 invasion of Lebanon to its current role in provoking a major military confrontation underscores how far the group has come and how it continues to be a force with which Israel must contend.

  • Backgrounder: How Hamas can govern

    Following its surprise victory in Palestinian legislative elections, Hamas must form a government. What kind of parties and individuals are they courting, and will the U.S.-labeled terrorist group succeed?

  • Who’s who in Hamas?

    Who’s who in Hamas? A look at the Islamic movement’s top leaders

  • Palestinians mixed on Sharon’s condition

    Even the Palestinian Kassam rocket launchers took time out when Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon was hospitalized: Either they were preparing for the Muslim holiday of Id al-Adha, or they were saying, let’s wait and see.

  • Abbas fiddles as chaos mounts

    With the Palestinian territories descending into lawlessness and chaos, Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas appears paralyzed, unwilling or unable to prevent terrorist groups and armed gangs from taking over the streets.

  • Preparing for the worst

    As much time as it spends preparing for terrorism or the threat of Iranian nuclear weapons, experts say Israel is unprepared for something potentially more lethal — natural disaster.

  • Hezbollah heats up the border

    Many expected Hezbollah’s entry into politics to moderate the terrorist group — but instead, it appears to be seeking confrontation with Israel as it feels its power slipping.

  • Conspiracy theories surround Arafat death

    A year after Yasser Arafat’s death, Palestinians are developing a new myth around their historic leader. Arafat did not die from natural causes but was murdered, most likely by Israel, they argue, although there’s no evidence to support this.

  • Israel banks on Christian tourism

    It may not qualify as a miracle, but the discovery of what may be the oldest church in the world could bring Israel a bonanza of Christian tourists.