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  • Palestinians rue hardships from fence

    As the International Court of Justice at the Hague prepares its verdict on the legality of Israel´s security barrier, Palestinians struggle to cope with the impact of the fence.

  • Israeli Arabs still seeking equality

    Israeli Arab leaders complain of a lack of progress toward equal rights with Israeli Jews, but observers say both sides remain mired in mistrust and inertia.

  • Turning Herzl’s vision into reality

    A new project believes it can give young Israelis from minority communities the vision and means to transform the Jewish state.

  • Egypt to the rescue in Gaza?

    As Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon pushes his Gaza pullout plan forward against political obstacles, the Israeli leader has found an influential supporter in Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak.

  • Barghouti conviction could foretell Arafat trial

    By putting Fatah leader Marwan Barghouti on trial in criminal court, Israeli authorities may have set the stage for an even bigger prize: Palestinian Authority President Yasser Arafat.

  • Are the Druse overlooked by Israel?

    For some members of Israel´s Druse community, a vote against Prime Minister Ariel Sharon´s Gaza withdrawal plan was a protest against a system they feel has done little to help them.

  • Threats put Arafat in the limelight

    Palestinians pledged their support to an increasingly unpopular Yasser Arafat after Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon announced Israel may target the Palestinian leader in a crackdown on terrorism.

  • Weakened, Palestinians look to regroup

    The assassination of the head of Hamas, combined with President Bush’s backing of Israel’s disengagement plan, has weakened the Palestinians. Palestinians now are looking to the Gaza Strip as the next opportunity to reorganize a political community in dis

  • Arab League reaches out to Israeli Arabs

    Though marred by a dispute over how invitations were handled, an upcoming conference in Cairo about Israeli Arabs and their ties to the Arab world is being seen by many as a landmark moment, reflecting the growing credentials of Israeli Arabs as advocates

  • Will secular humanism appeal to Israelis?

    The first secular humanist in Israel wants to reintroduce the Jewish state to its heritage, but without the involvement of religion.