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  • Arafat controls new P.A. Cabinet

    Unlike the outgoing Palestinian Authority Cabinet of former Prime Minister Mahmoud Abbas, the new one is sure to suit Arafat’s taste – after all, he essentially put it together. Initial reactions to the new Palestinian government were cool in Jerusalem a

  • Prisoner release deal could be close

    After years of negotiations, Israel and Hezbollah appear closer than ever to a deal to recover Israelis being held hostage in Lebanon in exchange for Israel’s release of hundreds of Palestinian, Lebanese, Jordanian and Syrian prisoners. The proposed deal

  • Israelis try a new kind of kibbutz

    If a host of new projects are any indication, the death of the Israeli kibbutz has been greatly exaggerated. Young Israelis fresh out of the army now are engaged in a revival of that unique Israeli invention, but with a new emphasis on education.

  • Arabs react to Orr report

    A new report on the shooting deaths of 13 Arabs by Israeli police during October 2000 riots evoked more disenchantment than drama in the Arab community.

  • Hezbollah and Israel exchange good-will signs

    For one of the few times in the complicated relationship between Israel and Hezbollah, it seems that the radical organization has blinked first. Now, an agreement to exchange captives finally seems possible.

  • What does ‘cease-fire´ mean?

    After two suicide bombings hit Israel and shattered the relative calm that had taken hold in Israel and the West Bank this summer, the viability of the "road map" peace plan has been called into question.

  • Palestinians blast prisoner release

    Rather than receiving Israel´s release of hundreds of Palestinian prisoners as the goodwill gesture it was intended to be, the Palestinian Authority is protesting the release as "insufficient" and canceling planned meetings with Israel.

  • Signs of anarchy in P.A. areas

    Although Palestinian Authority security forces are arresting people according to the "road map" peace plan, their failure to disarm Hamas and Islamic Jihad signals an inability to deal with blatant dissent and challenges to P.A. law.

  • Bill would end family reunification

    For one young Muslim couple in love, the barriers between Israel and the West Bank are more than just physical ones. The pair has run afoul of an administrative order that prevents Palestinian spouses of Israelis from gaining Israeli citizenship. Israel i

  • Can P.A.’s security services do the job?

    Ever since Ariel Sharon took office as Israel’s prime minister, it has been Israeli policy that unless the Palestinian Authority fights terrorism, Israel will do the job instead. The P.A. may lack the military power to dismantle Palestinian terrorist orga