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  • Backgrounder on Palestinian terror groups

    A recent terrorist attack that killed four Israeli soldiers represents a bloody demonstration of unity among the three leading Palestinian terrorist groups — Hamas, Islamic Jihad and the Al-Aksa Martyrs — which have increased their cooperation, particular

  • Israelis get pinch of stardust

    Residents of a quiet Druse village on Mt. Carmel in the Galilee are enjoying a dose of stardust, as Richard Gere dropped in for a visit and told a group of Jews, Arabs and Druse that perhaps religious leaders should take the reins of the Israeli-Palestini

  • Palestinians show little optimism

    Their new prime minister may have been preparing for a series of summits this week designed to give a boost to the peace process, but Palestinians in the West Bank hardly seemed optimistic about the prospects.

  • Auschwitz visit may strengthen ties

    Along the rails leading to the Birkenau death camp walked some 450 Arabs and Jews from Israel and France, silent but for the list of names they were reading, names of people murdered during the Holocaust. The march was a high point in an unusual show of A

  • Terror victims span Israeli society

    Within a 48-hour span beginning Saturday night, 12 Israelis were murdered in suicide attacks. Terrorism was back on the scene, as was the awareness that its disappearance in recent months was only an illusion born of the army’s success in preventing attac

  • Shi’ites assert selves in Iraq

    When Israel invaded Lebanon in 1982, the Shi’ites greeted the Israelis as liberators from PLO oppression. However, once the Shi’ites realized that Israel planned to stay for a while, they spearheaded resistance efforts. Now it seems they may d

  • Arab world takes stock after Saddam

    Saddam Hussein’s ouster is sending shock waves through the Arab world, but as a lively debate in the Arab shows, it is not yet clear whether his fall will energize pro-democracy, pro-Western efforts or fundamentalist, anti-Western groups in the regi

  • Arafat, Abbas struggle over Cabinet

    Mahmoud Abbas, the Palestinian Authority’s new prime minister, wants to launch the “road map” to peace and a Palestinian state, but first he must overcome a substantial road block: Yasser Arafat, who is angry about the list of candidates

  • War puts Palestinians in bind

    Saddam Hussein has written large checks to the families of those killed fighting Israel, with premiums paid to the families of suicide bombers. Palestinians also value his willingness to stand up to the United States, seen as Israel’s patron. Howev

  • Palestinians rally for Saddam

    Mahmoud Abbas, the choice for Palestinian Authority prime minister, hardly could have been appointed at a worse time: Just when Abbas could use a little help from his American friends in establishing his clout, the Palestinian street is erupting in suppor