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  • Leader of far-right Russian movement beaten

    The leader of a far-right Russian movement was hospitalized after being beaten.

  • Russian Orthodox voice against anti-Semitism dies

    The Russian Orthodox patriarch who became one of the first major religious Christian voices to call for an end to anti-Semitism in Russia, Alexy II, has died.

  • Russia calls on Israel to lift blockade

    Russia called on Israel to end its blockade of Gaza and allow aid to reach the isolated strip.

  • Moscow court convicts skinheads

    A Moscow court convicted seven members of a skinhead gang for their roles in 20 murders and 12 assaults.

  • Jewish leaders praise Russian police

    A Russian Jewish umbrella organization lauded Russian law enforcement for its efforts to catch perpetrators of hate crimes.

  • Jewish musician beaten in Moscow

    Three teenagers attacked an award-winning Jewish musician in the Moscow subway.

  • Russian paper suing Israeli publisher

    One of Russia’s most respected daily newspapers has filed suit against a Russian-language publishing house in Israel.

  • Russian protest turns anti-Semitic

    Demonstrators at an anti-immigration march in Russia shouted anti-Semitic slogans.

  • Russia synagogue arson suspect arrested

    Officials in a central Russian city arrested a suspect in a synagogue arson case.

  • Extremist Russian weekly shut down

    A judge in Moscow ordered an extremist weekly newspaper with an anti-Semitic past to stop publishing.