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  • FSU Chabad emissaries remember Holtzbergs

    Chabad emissaries across the former Soviet Union memorialized the victims of last week’s terrorist attacks in Mumbai.

  • Budgets slashed at Jewish schools in FSU

    Across the former Soviet Union, the world’s largest Jewish outreach group is facing an acute financial crisis that has slashed budgets across the board and left the region’s largest network of Jewish schools scrambling to stay afloat.

  • Russia seeks unmanned drones from Israel

    Russia wants to buy unmanned reconnaissance aircraft from Israel, according to the Russian defense ministry.

  • Rabbi mugged in Russia’s far east

    The chief rabbi of a major Russian city was beaten and robbed near his home.

  • Jewish oligarch joins new Russian party

    A prominent Russian-Jewish businessman has agreed to join the head council of a new political party in Russia, according to a statement by the party’s leader.

  • Livni presses for Russian pensions for olim

    Israeli Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni asked the Russian government to review its policy on pensions for Russian immigrants to Israel.

  • Travel increases between Israel and Russia

    Air travel between Moscow and Tel Aviv increased more than threefold since the two countries began a visa-free regime, Russia’s ambassador to Israel said.

  • Russia offers tanks, artillery to Lebanon

    A Lebanese parliamentary leader said that Russia promised to sell tanks and artillery to his country.

  • Moscow will not confirm Hamas invite

    The Russian government has refused to confirm a newspaper report that a senior Hamas leader had been invited to Moscow.

  • Rightists march in Russia

    An annual march by the far right in several Russian cities mostly passed without incident.