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  • Op-Ed: Take that, Henry Ford! Car company goes from anti-Semitic founder to new Jewish COO

    Bringing in a Jewish COO is the latest step for the Ford Motor Co. after the company had made strides over the years to get past the anti-Semitism of its founder and dealings with the Nazis, Jason Miller writes.

  • Getting chai on ‘Weeds': the top Jewish references

    Showtime’s “Weeds” series, in its final season, has been weaving esoteric Jewish concepts into its plots. Here are the top Jewish references.

  • Jewish flavor seasoned Sendak’s works, entertaining children and adults

    Author and illustrator Maurice Sendak, who gained fame for “Where the Wild Things Are” and other books, was inspired by his father’s nightly bedtime stories drawn from the Torah.

  • Parents find new benefit to Jewish camp: Freedom from themselves

    The focus on Jewish identity building has obscured what some say is a less-touted benefit of the Jewish overnight camp experience that should also be a draw for Jewish parents: affording their kids a measure of freedom from intensive parenting.

  • Great-grandson of Auschwitz victims taking the ice for Germany

    More than 65 years ago, Evan Kaufmann’s great-grandparents were murdered in the Auschwitz concentration camp. Now he is taking the ice for the German national hockey team.

  • Jewish day schools putting Apple iPads to the test

    Two Jewish day schools are leading the charge in putting Apple’s iPad to use in classrooms.

  • Reality TV chef goes kosher for Matisyahu

    I had never heard of the reality TV cooking show "Chef Roble and Co." when a friend texted Sunday night and ordered me to turn on the Bravo channel. As my wife flipped through 400 cable channels trying to find Bravo for the first time, I quickly did a web search to figure out why…

  • In Detroit-area activist’s newsletter, celebs send their Shabbat best

    Lisa Mark Lis, a suburban Detroit-based community activist and philanthropist, in her Friday morning e-mail posts to friends and family not only wishes her readers a “Shabbat Shalom,” but she often has a celebrity extend their wishes, too. President Obama and the first lady have been among those sending along their Sabbath greetings.

  • Robert Downey Jr. asks forgiveness for Mel Gibson

    Robert Downey Jr. at an awards ceremony in Los Angeles urged the Hollywood community to forgive Mel Gibson for his recent troubles.

  • The Jewish Zen of Steve Jobs

    Reflecting on a technology icon’s contribution to Jewish life and learning.