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  • For Pelosi, Israel is personal

    With Nancy Pelosi set to be installed as the new speaker of the House, supporters say her commitment to Israel and Jewish domestic concerns are genuine.

  • Jewish women roar in Congress

    Over the past decade, Jewish women have come to outpace their non-Jewish counterparts in the U.S. Congress, both in terms of the relative Jewish population in the United States and in terms of Congress’ male-to-female ratio.

  • Commemorating U.S. Jewish heritage

    Jewish American Heritage Month is in May, but its inaugural this year had the coolness of March about it: it came in with a roar and went out with a whimper.

  • Cardin’s slow and steady Senate run

    Ben Cardin’s candidacy for the U.S. Senate is both dogged and buoyed by his stubborn rootedness — a prosaic quality the Maryland congressman and his supporters agree stems from his Jewish commitment.

  • After violence, agonizing over Israel study

    American students have had to make tough choices this summer about whether to study in Israel. With tensions in the Middle East running high, they worry about their safety.