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  • Reform rabbi rapped for violation

    A Reform rabbinical board has upheld the reprimand of a California rabbi over allegations of sexual misconduct, but it declined to impose a more serious penalty of censure.

  • Support for centralized restitution

    Israeli Finance Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has joined the fray over the multimillion-dollar Swiss banks Holocaust settlement, arguing that restitution efforts need to be centralized.

  • Allstate won’t blacklist Israel travelers

    With legislative pressure building on insurance companies, Allstate announced that it would no longer deny life insurance coverage to people because they have traveled to Israel or plan to do so.

  • Tracking Jewish connections

    College-age Jews affiliated with the Conservative movement identify with Israel and voice pride in their heritage, but are less observant and often date non-Jews, according to a new study.

  • More money for Swiss account holders?

    Swiss banks and the U.S. judge overseeing a $1.25 billion settlement of Holocaust-era claims have reached an agreement that may yield hundreds of millions of dollars in additional assets for survivors and their heirs.

  • Movements act against abuse

    New get-tough policies are emerging in the wake of pledges by the various Jewish denominations to respond to cases of sex abuse by rabbis and others in the past decade.

  • Changes urged for Swiss bank fund

    A new battle is brewing at the main organization managing Holocaust restitution payments over how a massive Swiss bank fund should be distributed among survivors.

  • Belzec memorial opens

    The emotional opening ceremony of a Holocaust memorial built at the site of the Belzec death camp opened a new chapter for the once-ignored site and ended a highly charged debate over the memorial’s construction.

  • German firms and slave laborers battle over money

    Attorneys for U.S. Holocaust survivors and German corporations are squaring off over whether the firms owe more money in addition to the hundreds of millions of dollars already paid out to Jews and non-Jews forced into slave labor by Germany´s Nazi

  • Schorsch marks 18 years at JTS

    As Rabbi Ismar Schorsch marks 18 years as head of the Jewish Theological Seminary, some say the Conservative movement must do more to retain its relevance — and reclaim American Jews’ allegiance.