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  • Film traces Jewish hoops history

    A new documentary, “The First Basket,” traces the rich Jewish heritage of basketball, from the rise of college legends and early pro players to the scandals and demographic shifts that cut back Jewish interest in the game.

  • Report: Intermarried will soon be majority

    The latest report of increasing intermarriage in the American Jewish community may add to the sense of crisis among Jewish groups. Many fear an erosion of Jewish awareness in these families.

  • Jewish wisdom for the masses

    To Rabbi Irwin Kula, Jewish outreach means reaching way, way out. Kula,president of the New York-based National Center for Learning and Leadership, or CLAL, is hosting a new PBS-TV series called “Simple Wisdom” that is taking Torah into America’s livin

  • Population survey on hold again

    The release of the latest national Jewish population study, already beset by technical woes and delays, will be postponed once again pending an independent review.

  • Big Jewish giving — to non-Jews

    While the country’s wealthiest Jews account for a hefty 22% of the country’s major charitable gifts, little of this money goes to Jewish causes, according to a new study. At a time when many Jewish institutions are struggling for funding, the

  • Pollsters say many Jews want to leave France

    French Jews have grown so disgusted with anti-Semitism that more than one quarter of them are considering emigrating, according to a new survey of the French Jewish community. Some French Jewish leaders have objected to the methods and findings of the sur

  • Rabbis: Purim, Iraq war linked

    Purim celebrates the Jewish victory over evil in Persia. This year, it also heralds a war against a modern despot, Saddam Hussein. Jewish leaders and thinkers are picking up on the historic echoes, particularly since the 1991 Gulf War also ended on Purim.

  • Listserv links military Jews

    The Brave, a kind of Web-based bulletin board, was launched last month. It is believed to be the first devoted to Jews in the armed forces, and is being used by soldiers seeking Jewish chaplains, by military spouses seeking support, and by soldiers and th

  • Will ‘Synaplex’ replace cineplex on Friday nights?

    On most Shabbats, the Germantown Jewish Centre is buzzing; more than 300 of the synagogue’s 540 members typically attend. A national group is offering$1 million in grants to help other congregations follow this model by offering activities beyond si

  • Conservatives to take up gay issue

    The Conservative movement’s rabbinical union has asked its legal body to study whether homosexuality is allowed under halachah, or Jewish law, adding momentum to a Conservative shift toward equal treatment of gays and lesbians.