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  • What would Moses drive?

    Jewish and Christian organizations, lending a religious seal to the environmental movement, aim to steer the United States away from its dependence on foreign oil and penchant for gas-guzzling SUVs.

  • Ads show ‘threats’ to Israeli democracy

    A group fighting for social justice in Israel is launching a media campaign, and a heated debate, with its ads urging Jewish leaders to speak out about social inequities that the group says undermine Israeli democracy.

  • Poll: Israel P.R. campaign working

    A series of 30-second spots trumpeting Israeli democracy, which began airing nationally in September, reversed a downward spiral in support for Israel among influential opinion shapers, according to the ads’ producers.

  • Art and tradition at center of Spock spat

    Leonard Nimoy has ignited an artistic debate in the Jewish community over art and censorship with his book “Shekhina,” a collection of photographs of women, many naked but for prayer shawls and teffilin.

  • Grants help shuls go online

    A new study by the synagogue renewal group STAR, or Synagogues: Transformation and Renewal, says most of the hundreds of congregations online are ill-equipped to win anybody over.

  • Rabbinical group encourages debate on Israel

    Some rabbis are heeding a nationwide call by the group Rabbis for Human Rights, which is urging liberal Jewish leaders during these High Holidays to condemn human rights violations by Palestinians and Israelis alike.

  • Reform Jews to debate Israeli policy

    The Reform movement is organizing a nationwide teach-in to debate the Israeli-Arab conflict and mobilize support for Israel and the moribund peace process.

  • Synagogue study: Orthodox rule

    The Orthodox movement claims the lion’s share of synagogues in the United States, despite being the smallest of the three major branches, according to a new census by the American Jewish Committee.

  • Praying and playing at camp

    Yaish Shabbat is a new camp designed to give observant children a place where they can perfect their sports, arts and business skills in a world of halachah, or Jewish law.

  • Sex-abuse conviction closes a chapter

    The sex-abuse conviction of Rabbi Baruch Lanner for groping two teen-age girls closes a highly disturbing chapter for the centrist Orthodox world.