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  • Activists call on Irish firm to divest from Israeli company

    Pro-Palestinian activists called on the Irish multinational building materials firm CRH to sell its stake in the Israeli group Mashav, accusing the company of profiting from the “illegal occupation” of the West Bank.

  • Bagels regain bread status in Ireland

    Bagels were granted equal status with soda bread in Ireland following a government decision to reclassify the traditionally Jewish favorite as ordinary bread for the purposes of taxation.

  • Ireland to levy bagel tax

    Irish bagel lovers aren’t having much luck: a 13.5 percent value-added tax will be tacked on to the traditionally Jewish favorite for the first time.

  • A fifth of Irish would bar Israelis from becoming citizens

    More than one in five Irish people would bar Israelis from becoming naturalized Irish citizens, according to new research into ethnic and religious attitudes in Ireland.

  • Irish pro-Palestinian group petitions OECD

    An Irish pro-Palestinian activist group has lodged a formal complaint accusing Ireland’s largest company of “complicity” in what it said were violations of international law in Israel.

  • Irish government turns to Jewish leaders on census

    The Irish government has asked Dublin’s Jewish leadership to urge congregants to complete their census forms.

  • Shatter says Ireland will probe UNIFIL soldier’s deaths

    Ireland will conduct an independent review into the deaths of three Irish soldiers whose vehicle was blown up on a United Nations mission in Lebanon.

  • Israeli deal in Ireland could lead to more

    An Israeli property company has struck a multimillion-dollar deal in Ireland that could herald further Israeli involvement in the country.

  • Irish Cabinet swears in lone Jewish lawmaker

    Ireland’s only Jewish member of parliament was appointed to the country’s Cabinet as the new government was sworn in.

  • Ireland re-elects Jewish representative

    Ireland’s only Jewish national politician was re-elected to parliament after a decisive vote.