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  • Suspicious package evacuates Dublin’s Israeli Embassy

    The Israeli Embassy in Dublin was evacuated after a suspicious package containing an unidentified powder was delivered to the building.

  • Irish lawmaker compares colleague to Goebbels

    A senior Irish politician compared Ireland’s only Jewish parliamentarian and its Israeli ambassador to Nazi war propagandist Joseph Goebbels.

  • Israeli lawmakers take case to Dublin

    Two senior Knesset members visited Dublin to persuade the Irish government and media that Israel’s military operation in Gaza is necessary.

  • Trinity College awards harsh Israel critic

    An Irish college awarded one of Israel’s harshest critics with its historical society’s gold medal for “outstanding contribution to public discourse.”

  • Irish Jewish museum marks 20 years

    The more than 100 people who gathered to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Irish Jewish Museum in Dublin this week were making a show of community solidarity as much as rejoicing in the longevity of a beloved Jewish cultural institution.

  • Irish Jew on Ireland’s view of Israel

    A Jewish-Irish academic has written a book explaining why Ireland, which was pro-Israel when the Jewish state was created, has become a hotbed of anti-Israel sentiment.