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  • Journalist refuses to settle German case

    A German Jewish journalist refused to settle a case in which he called another Jew anti-Semitic.

  • Report: Israel made offer on Palestinian refugees

    Israel reportedly has offered to admit 20,000 Palestinian refugees as part of a final peace accord.

  • Lezak earns first individual medal

    Jewish Olympic swimmer Jason Lezak followed up his relay heroics with a bronze medal in the 100-meter men’s freestyle.

  • WJC meets Chavez

    Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez promised visiting Jewish leaders he would condemn “all forms of anti-Semitism.”

  • UJC launches Georgia campaign

    The United Jewish Communities has launched an emergency appeal for the embattled citizens of Georgia.

  • Israel denies weapons-Iran link

    An Israeli government official dismissed claims that the United States was withholding arms from Israel to dissuade the Jewish state from attacking Iran.

  • Israel’s light shines in Uganda

    A kindergarten in a Kampala slum started last year by Israeli volunteers and headed by a Muslim woman is a godsend for Uganda’s needy and, staffers say, of a piece with 21st century Zionism.

  • Dispute over ORT name settled

    An Israeli judge ruled that World ORT and ORT Israel can both use the ORT name.

  • Sydney-area mayor sorry for slurs

    A Sydney-area mayor who urged his residents to “be a good Jew” and “screw the last dollar out” has apologized.

  • Film targets Claims Conference

    Israeli lawmakers are calling for a probe of the Claims Conference for allegedly funding groups not related to Holocaust survivors.