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  • Aliyah means missing one’s family

    A recent oleh realizes that by choosing to live in Israel, he excluded America — and has made it harder to maintain ties to the family and friends he left behind.

  • An oleh chafes at labels

    A new immigrant thought he was leaving behind the Jewish world´s divisions when he made aliyah, but found out that Israel has its own batch of labels to identify people by their level of religiosity.

  • Finding a job as an oleh

    An American immigrant in Israel finds himself forced to define who he is and where he’s headed.

  • Hebrew U. recalls tragic day

    Despite the challenges Hebrew University has faced over the past year since a deadly bombing shocked the campus — mourning, replacing lost faculty and increasing security — the school is pushing forward and hoping to lure more Americans back.

  • What drives an Israeli immigrant?

    "Today we are 330 new olim who stand as one," explains Jonathan Udren, a freelance journalist from Fort Lauderdale, Fla., as he describes his experience as part of a planeload of Jews leaving America behind to make aliyah to Israel.