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  • Tu B´Shevat: The Trees of Life

    In this second new year celebration on the Jewish calendar we celebrate the Jewish reverence for life, our hope for redemption, even our own resilience, all the while still planting trees in some of the harshest of landscapes.

  • On the Shelf: The Empty Plate

    My mother, the seder and the empty plate – and so it was in that very order. There was no Elijah-like phantom who surreptitiously visited our house and ate food. No, this empty plate, with my smiling mother hovering over it, appeared a few years ago on the front page of the food section of…

  • Tekiah Gedola

    These are Days of Awe—the ten days between Rosh Hashanahh and Yom Kippur. Suddenly I am trying to reflect on a year’s worth of living in less than two weeks, as if I am cramming for an exam. This is also a time when God opens the Book of Life, revising everyone’s fate non-stop, pulling…

  • My Change of Heart

    This is a story about my Jewish heart, my daughter’s milk allergy and how I came change plates for Passover. First the Jewish heart. Like Pharaoh’s, mine hardened after the wrong kind of yeshiva education. In Rabbi D’s class I remember learning that if anyone ate hametz (food containing bread products) during Passover their lives…