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  • From the Archive: Hitler’s other Olympics

    The Nazis promised to remove all the “Jews Not Wanted” signs from Garmisch-Partenkirchen before the 1936 Winter Olympics there.

  • David Rotem’s Reform namesake

    “I don’t know David Rotem, never met him and thank G-D we are not related,” says Rabbi Mordechai “Moti” Rotem, Israel’s first Reform rabbi.

  • Give us your camp stories

    We don’t know what you did last summer (or the summer several decades ago). Tell us.

  • Day school’s defenders and critics

    A father’s education decision hits a nerve.

  • Translating Israel, from English to Arabic

    Times of Israel says it’s offering an “open platform” with its new Arabic site.

  • Modern Orthodox congregations host postnup parties

    Seeking to prevent Orthodox women from becoming agunot, three St. Louis synagogues collectively hosted a mass post-nuptial agreement signing.

  • Pete Seeger in Israel

    The famed folksinger gave an impromptu performance at an army base in the Negev during his 1964 visit to the Jewish state.

  • Haredi brothers literally flipping out

    It’s fitting that Capoeira, the Brazilian martial art Miki and Yehuda Hayat perform, is pronounced “cap-wearer” since the two brothers keep their kipot on their heads even while performing gravity-defying moves.

  • Are in-marriage and intermarriage equal in Reform Judaism?

    Rabbi Rick Jacobs, the head of the Union for Reform Judaism, says ‘endogamy as an abstract concept’ isn’t the way to address Jewish continuity.

  • After lull, intermarriage debate reignites

    With the Pew survey renewing communal concern about assimilation, advocates of in-marriage have become louder.