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  • Yom Kippur War’s 40th anniversary

    This week marks the 40th anniversary of the Yom Kippur War. While the long-term consequences of the conflict are often overshadowed by those of the 1967 war, the Yom Kippur War has also had enduring impact.

  • Memories of Rosh Hashanah Past

    Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish new year, was celebrated last week. And while many Jews engage in the traditional eating of apples and honey and repenting of past misdeeds in synagogue, the holiday also offers an object lesson in the varieties of Jewish religious celebration. For some, Rosh Hashanah is a travel opportunity. Perhaps the most…

  • The devastation of Hurricane Katrina

    Last week marked the eighth anniversary of Hurricane Katrina’s devastation of New Orleans. The Jews of the Crescent City weren’t spared, losing several houses of worship and suffering a huge population drop that took years to recover.

  • Haredi rabbi: Fur is a ‘chillul hashem’

    Haredi Orthodox Rabbi Shlomo Pappenheim surprises many by coming out against fur hats at an animals rights conference.

  • Jews and civil rights

    The March on Washington, which marks its 50th anniversary next week, was a high point of Jewish involvement in the struggle for civil rights.

  • HBO documentary recounts life of legendary broadcaster Marty Glickman

    “Glickman” tells the story of how an athlete who missed out on the 1936 Olympics allegedly because of anti-Semitism went on to transform sports broadcasting during a period of cultural change in America.

  • Scandals in Jewish organizations

    Last week, the longtime CEO of the Metropolitan Council on Jewish Poverty, William Rapfogel was fired amid allegations of financial malfeasance. While certainly not an everyday occurrence, Jewish organizations are no strangers to scandal of varying kings.

  • How to enter a bar mitzvah

    Sam Horowitz of Dallas shows us how to make an entrance. Rule #1: Make sure a troupe of Broadway-style dancers is nearby.

  • Trading prisoners for peace

    Israel agreed to release 104 Palestinian prisoners last week in a bid to help jumpstart peace negotiations. It’s hardly the first time Palestinian prisoners have been released to jumpstart political talks.

  • Should Israel release Palestinian prisoners?

    Like virtually everything associated with the Middle East, pundits disagree over the wisdom of releasing Palestinian prisoners in the name of peace.