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  • Pew: Jews support abortion rights (Duh!)

    A new poll confirms what we all know — Jews support abortion rights. But check out the numbers.

  • The ambition of Natalie Portman

    Can Natalie Portman actually pull off adapting Amos Oz’s sprawling book, “A Tale of Love and Darkness?”

  • Helen Thomas and Israel

    Veteran White House reporter Helen Thomas died last week. Thomas had covered every president from Kennedy to Obama and, as many noted, she was frequently the only woman reporter in a room full of men. Often referred to as the dean of the White House press corps, she is credited with breaking the glass ceiling…

  • An innocent man

    It could have been worse. After Keith Weissman was trapped in a Justice Department sting in 2004, he lost his job as an analyst at AIPAC, lost his livelihood, lost the pleasures afforded by access to people of influence, lost the horizon of a future. But as a part of a Washington power couple —…

  • Jews on Bikes

    It’s not even 8 o’clock Sunday morning, but members of the Lonsmen, the [Yiddish] word for brotherhood and kinship, already are putting on their black pants, black shirts, black leather jackets and do-rags. We’re not talking Hell’s Angels here. Instead, picture a coed group of predominantly Jewish motorcyclists in their 50s and 60s who also…

  • The cutest golf rapper ever

    Watch the cutest golf rap ever you didn’t know existed.

  • A history of banning shechitah

    Since the late 1800s many countries have attempted to ban ritual slaughter.

  • A call for unity this Tisha b’Av

    In a fractured world of Jewish communities, the OU and the RCA have called for unity this Tisha b’Av

  • Trayvon Martin: ADL reacts

    The ADL has released a statement on the Trayvon Martin case.

  • Michael Oren’s tenure

    With Michael Oren’s tenure as Israel’s ambassador to the United States winding down, we mine the JTA Archive for some highlights of Oren’s time in Washington.