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  • New York-area D.A. stands behind ’89 conviction of sexual molester

    The 1989 sexual molestation conviction of Jesse Friedman, then 19, was justified, according to the suburban New York district attorney’s office that was accused of bungling the case.

  • Is BDS working?

    Has the BDS movement accomplished anything?

  • When the Nazis came to Skokie

    In 1978, Nazis marched in Skokie Illinois, embroiling the country in an argument about free speech.

  • Happy 90th, Shimon Peres!

    For his 90th birthday, Shimon Peres hosted numerous politicians and celebrities and spoke of his life and his vision of peace for the future.

  • Poetry is for warriors

    An officer in the IDF stopped a soldier from reading personal poetry on the radio because it would “ruin the image of a combat soldier.”

  • Celebrating the first class of maharats

    Yeshivat Maharat ordained its first class of female spiritual leaders Sunday morning in New York.

  • The importance of Anne Frank

    Last week was Anne Frank’s 84th birthday, and the anniversary of the first post in the diary that made her a household name.

  • What we should do about the princesses

    Most of us learned at a young age that the best way to deal with people who do stupid things just to get attention is to ignore them. The geniuses at Bravo not only know this, but count on us to forget this. The first time I saw a Housewives show, I literally could not…

  • He’s bringing sexy back

    It’s hard to know what to make of Israel’s use of social media. Some of the IDF’s online campaigns have been downright bizarre, like its strange Golden Girls soundtracked “trailer” for President Obama’s visit, or its decision to live tweet updates of the Six-Day War, as if the conflict were happening in real time. Then of course, there…

  • The Texas Bible: hey y’all

    A new app gives a Southern dialect to the Bible.