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is the online coordinator for JTA.


  • Al-Jazeera publishes, pulls, then reposts Joseph Massad piece

    Amid controversy, al-Jazeera removes then reposts Joseph Massad’s Op-Ed that views Zionism as anti-Semitic

  • Jewish groups join effort to help Oklahoma tornado victims

    Jewish groups are joining the effort to help those displaced by the tornado in suburban Oklahoma City.

  • Making it last

    At the beginning of May, Rorie Weisberg, an Orthodox woman from Monsey, sued cosmetics giant Lancome claiming her makeup, advertised as 24-hour coverage, did not last the full 24 hours of Shabbat. Some saw Weisberg’s suit as ludicrous or just plain old litigious, but others are seemingly sympathetic. The Orthodox makeup problem is apparently a real one, with…

  • 5 Things (Even Idiots) Can Do With Fennel

    (Jewish Journal – Arielle Adelman) Here are my top 5 favorite easy and healthy ways to eat fennel: 1. Cut into sticks and dipped in roasted eggplant dip (or any other of your favorite dips; just be sure that it isn’t loaded with fats and chemicals). 2. Roasted with spices and sprinkled with parmesan. (Slice…

  • Destination Shanghai

    I recently  had the opportunity to travel to China with the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee young professionals group Entwine. JDC, or the “Joint,” is the world’s leading Jewish humanitarian assistance organization. Detroit’s own Penny Blumenstein is the current president. Entwine encompasses young Jewish leaders, influencers and advocates who seek to make a meaningful impact…

  • ‘Our Shared Bible’

    (Washington Jewish Week – Suzanne Pollack) A rabbi, a priest and an imam walked into the Charles E. Smith Jewish Day School May 10, and then began to seriously talk to the high school students about “Our Shared Bible.” The program was held at the start of Sivan, the month the Israelites received the Torah….

  • Russian support of Arab states

    This past week,  it was reported that Russia has supplied Syrian President Bashar Assad with a considerable amount of weapons and machinery. Russia, and the Soviet Union before it, has long had an ambiguous relationship with the Middle East, erred on the side of Arab support. Though the Soviet Union voted in support the establishment…

  • Qatari-Israeli relations

    Qatar, as JTA explained this past week, has recently thrusted itself into the world of Middle East peacemaking, much to the confusion of the political world. Qatar has traditionally sought maintain good relations with a range of different — and sometimes warring — parties. But never before has it sought such a high-profile diplomatic role….

  • Hillel: The place you go when you don’t know what to do with yourself

    You can spend endless hours scouring the internet for videos on any topic, but sometimes you find a gem worth sharing. In this fun and inviting video, the Hillel of Broward and Palm Beach, cover Flo Rida’s song “Whistle;” and put in their own words, welcoming everyone to Hillel. Singers Dissecta and Jesse put together…

  • Celebrating Lag b’Omer

    Traditionally, the day of Lag B’Omer, the 33rd day in the count from Passover to the holiday of Shavuot, marks the cessation of a plague that killed thousands of students of the Talmudic sage Rabbi Akiva. Over the years, the holiday took on various mystical overtones and customs. Consequently, thousands of Jews flock to Meron…