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  • Macedonia to build Holocaust museum

    After years of negotiations, work on the Balkans’ first Holocaust Museum could begin shortly in the former Jewish quarter in Macedonia’s capital city, Skopje.

  • Jews oppose Lithuanian plan

    A controversial project to reconstruct Vilnius´ famed Jewish quarter is opposed by some members of the Jewish community, who say the money could be better spent helping poor Lithuanian Jews.

  • A Holocaust museum for Macedonia

    Macedonia’s Jews hope to harness a sweeping government restitution plan to fund a Holocaust memorial center for the Balkan countries whose Jewish populations were decimated during World War II. The restitution money may also support the tiny remaini

  • Macedonian Jews remember deportations

    In a tobacco factory in Skopje, Macedonia, a small group somberly gathered to recall the day exactly 60 years ago that almost the entire Jewish population of the country was rounded up to be sent to Treblinka. Macedonia’s present-day Jewish communit

  • Prague Jewish groups to merge

    For years, Prague’s Bejt Praha liberal Jewish community felt isolated from the official Orthodox community. But now, Bejt Praha is set to become affiliated with the Orthodox establishment.

  • Restitution accord elusive for Slovaks

    The Slovak Jewish community is increasingly skeptical that it will reach an agreement with the government on compensation for property seized by the Nazis before next month’s general elections.

  • Slovakia vows restitution for Jews

    The Slovak government expects to finalize its proposal soon for compensation of Jewish property seized by the Nazis.

  • U.S. students meet Eastern European Jews

    A program in Prague gives American students the opportunity to examine the history and culture of Central and Eastern European Jewry.

  • Czech town hopes to lure High Holiday visitors

    PRAGUE, July 15 (JTA) — Karlovy Vary’s new rabbi has a lot of catching up to do. The Jewish community in the western Bohemian spa town Samuel Abramson joins this month has had no clear guidance for more than 60 years. Now Abramson is hoping that he’ll be able to use the approaching High Holidays…

  • Rabbi tests waters in Czech spa town

    PRAGUE, July 10 (JTA) — A chance meeting 13 years ago changed the course of Rabbi Samuel Abramson’s life. Now he’s hoping to bring change and a new sense of spirituality to a Czech town’s entire Jewish community. Abramson has just joined the picturesque spa town of Karlovy Vary as its first rabbi in 60…