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  • Op-Ed: Hezbollah gains a toehold inside U.N. Security Council

    As part of the coalition government of Lebanon, a non-permanent member of the Security Council for the next two years, the terrorist group and Iranian proxy Hezbollah is represented inside the world body’s most prestigious room, the American Jewish Committee’s communications director writes.

  • Op-Ed: Holocaust denial in Israel needs urgent attention

    With a recent survey showing that 40 percent of Israeli Arabs deny the Holocaust, Arabs and Jews must work in their own communities and together to shoot down the mighty myth, writes the American Jewish Committee’s Kenneth Bandler.

  • FOCUS ON ISSUES Israeli Arabs open lodgings, restaurants to serve tourists

    SAKHNIN, Israel, Nov. 18 (JTA) – Omar Ayadi believes that the path to Jewish-Arab coexistence in Israel is paved with good food. On most weekends, his Peace Tent restaurant is filled to capacity – more than 200 Arabs and Jews, and often some foreign tourists as well, reclining, Bedouin- style, on colorful cushions while feasting…

  • BEHIND THE HEADLINES Israelis oppose conversion bill after eye-opening sojourn to U.S.

    NEW YORK, Sept. 30 (JTA) – A key Likud legislator is ready to risk losing his Knesset seat in the name of Jewish unity. Ze’ev Boim says he will vote against conversion legislation even if he cannot convince his Likud colleagues to oppose the measure that has become a central source of friction between Israel…