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  • Op-Ed: How to avoid another Yarmouk

    If the world cared about Palestinian refugees, it would not wait for a humanitarian crisis like the one unfolding in Syria to improve their situation, Kenneth Jacobson writes.

  • Op-Ed: Don’t compare Ferguson and Palestine

    Conflating two very different issues seems driven more by a desire to undermine the Jewish state than to further race relations in America, the ADL’s deputy national director writes.

  • Op-Ed: Remember King for battling hate against all

    While leading the monumental struggle for civil rights in this country, the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. never equivocated in denouncing anti-Semitism, writes the deputy national director of the Anti-Defamation League.

  • Op-Ed: Respect haredi life while offering criticism

    Criticizing haredi lfiestyle choices should not become condemnation of the entire community.