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  • Bangladeshi pro-Israel journalist pushes on amid charges of fraud

    Bangladeshi newspaper publisher Salah Uddin Shoaib Choudhury was the darling of the literary world for ardently backing Israel in a predominantly Muslim land. Now some Jewish supporters see him as a fraud.

  • Bahraini Jewish MP: Jewish community backs king

    Bahraini Jewish parliamentarian Nancy Khedouri told JTA that the protests in her country have been blown out of proportion by the media.

  • Amid crisis and violence, Tunisian Jews safe but guarded

    The violence roiling Tunisia hasn’t put the country’s 1,500 or so Jews in serious jeopardy, but Jewish organizations are concerned about their fate as massive anti-government protests continue.

  • In Central Africa, Israelis fuel development

    Israeli training and investment is helping some nations in Central Africa build infrastructure, improve agricultural yields and modernize their armies.

  • U.S. Jewish communities building ties to Haiti

    In the wake of the devastating earthquake in January, Jewish communities are reaching out and getting involved with rebuilding the devastated country.

  • Israelis maintain presence in Haiti for the long haul

    Israel’s activities in Haiti didn’t end with the dismantling of the Israeli field hospital in the country two weeks after the earthquake in January.

  • Haiti’s Jews try to pick up the pieces

    The few Jews who make Haiti their home are trying to pick up the pieces after January’s devastating earthquake.

  • Venezuelan envoy says Jews not targeted

    Venezuela’s U.S. ambassador denied that Jews are being targeted by the government of President Hugo Chavez and justified Venezuela’s growing friendship with Iran.

  • Janet Rosenberg Jagan, ex-Guyana president, dies

    Janet Rosenberg Jagan, Guyana’s only female president and one of the few Jewish heads of state in Caribbean history, has died.

  • From survivor of ‘dirty war’ to diplomat

    The son of the late Jacobo Timerman, who came to symbolize the victims of Argentina’s ‘dirty war,’ now represents his country in the United States.