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  • Uruguay’s Jews feud over election

    Recent leadership elections have split the Jewish community of Uruguay, as the sides trade accusations of secret pacts and voting irregularities.

  • A Spanish story of Holocaust survival

    A retired Argentine businessman, after a half-century of silence, writes his miraculous story of Holocaust survival in extraordinary detail.

  • Cuban community turns 100

    Ailing President Fidel Castro can’t make it, but Cuba’s tiny Jewish community is marking its 100th anniversary with a month of religious services, music, dancing, parties and speeches.

  • Jews key in South Florida vote

    In South Florida, both parties are aggressively courting the Jewish vote in next month’s midterm elections. Many of the area’s elderly Jews have voted Democratic in the past, but Republicans are waging an active campaign to change that this ti

  • Embassy decision disappoints Salvadoran Jews

    El Salvador’s Jews are disappointed that their country has decided to move its embassy in Israel from Jerusalem to Tel Aviv, but say it won’t affect their relations with the government or with the country’s large Palestinian community.

  • Costa Rica to move embassy to Tel Aviv

    Supporters of Israel were stunned by Costa Rica’s decision to move its embassy in Israel from Jerusalem to Tel Aviv, a step intended to placate the Arab world.

  • Luxembourg’s Jews seek payback

    The Jewish community of Luxembourg has begun demanding answers — and compensation — for the heirs of Jews whose assets were seized during World War II by Nazi occupiers and their accomplices.

  • Katrina bolsters Baton Rouge’s Jewish life

    In an unexpected way, Hurricane Katrina — which devastated New Orleans almost a year ago — has energized Jewish life in Baton Rouge, a city of 500,000 people and two synagogues.

  • Life in Israeli bomb shelters

    Colorful rainbows, choo-choo trains and flowers decorate the walls of the neighborhood bomb shelter in Carmiel, but amid the overflowing toilets, foul smells and tension of war this weekend, nobody seemed to notice.

  • Iraqi ambassador speaks out

    Iraq’s new ambassador to Washington speaks out on terrorism, the assassination of al-Zarqawi and the new role of women in his country. Just don’t expect any imminent opening to Israel.