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  • Back to Gadhafi: Who shot Doc Brown?

    I spent part of my holiday weekend taking in a Back to the Future marathon. If nothing else, it reminded me of the most important reason why Muammar Gadhafi had it coming — Great Scott, he tried to kill Marty McFly and Doc Brown!

  • Poll of the Week: Do Larry’s ladies look alike?

    The tabloids are buzzing over whether Larry David and new girlfriend Amy Landecker began dating before or after the actress’ current marriage hit the rocks.
    But we have a more important issue — what should we make of the fact that Landecker is a dead ringer for Cheryl Hines, who plays Larry’s (now ex-)wife Cheryl on “Curb Your Enthusiasm”?

    I smell a 6nobacon poll question… Read more to vote!

  • Miley Cyrus’ hacker: The Israeli connection

      Oy, this is worse than Pollard. “A hacker who boasted that he was responsible for stealing and posting provocative pictures stolen from Miley Cyrus’ Gmail account pleaded guilty on Monday to other charges involving credit card fraud and hacking. .. According to an affidavit (.pdf), Holly admitted to the FBI that beginning in 2005…

  • Mila vs. Natalie at the box office… LiLo, take note!

    Lashon Holly can’t stop thinking about poor Lindsay Lohan, who thinks it should have been her — and not Natalie Portman — taking an Oscar-winning turn in “Black Swan.” Of course, if anything… Lindsay has more of the Mila Kunis-vibe going on. While we’re on the subject… Hey, Lindsay, if you think you can do…

  • Working out (life) with Kathy Kaehler

    Exercise guru Kathy Laehler boast of helping keep Jennifer Aniston, Julia Roberts, Cindy Crawford and the Kardashians fit. She shared some life advice Wednesday with the Women Entrepreneurs Group at the Malibu Jewish Center.  

  • Ivanka Trump’s new baby — show us the birth certificate!

      Ivanka Trump — who joined the Tribe with the help of Rabbi Haskel Lookstein — tweeted that she and husband Jared Kushner “welcomed a beautiful and healthy little girl into the world.” No name yet. And no comment from maternal grandpa. Like Lashon Holly, The Donald must be holding out for the long-form birth…