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  • Russian Jews of the world (try to) unite

    In the heart of Jerusalem’s downtown, marchers gathered to announce a new international organization dedicated to representing Russian Jews. The group has a tough task ahead as it seeks a leadership role among the fractious communities of Russian-speaking

  • Booby-trap incident shocks Russian Jews

    An incident in which a woman was severely injured after she tried to take down a booby-trapped anti-Semitic sign has shocked Russian Jews — and led to calls for greater steps to curb extremism.

  • Bush visits Russian synagogue

    The symbolism was heavy during President Bush´s visit to St. Petersburg’s Choral Synagogue, a place once monitored closely by the KGB.

  • Islamic threat in former Soviet Union

    Jews in the former Soviet Union are feeling increasingly worried that they might become targets in the war with Islamic fundamentalists — and there’s a growing body of evidence to support their fear.

  • Violence in Israel scares Russians

    After fleeing the tense Caucasus Mountains region, Ilya and Taira Shubayev planned to immigrate to Israel. But the couple are planning to stay here for now because of the violence in Israel.

  • Kiev attack called ‘pogrom´

    There is disagreement over the level and significance of Ukrainian anti-Semitism — but after 50 youths attacked the central synagogue in Kiev, optimists may have to re-evaluate their position.

  • Hillel thrives in Russia

    Once distrusted by Jews in the former Soviet Union, Hillel has become increasingly popular in recent years.

  • Refuseniks become activists again

    Refuseniks from the former Soviet Union backed a plan to form a congress of Russian Jews now living around the world.

  • Russian Jews look to new leader

    The Russian Jewish Congress has a new leader — but whether he is the right man to invigorate the embattled organization is unclear.

  • Ariel Sharon finds sympathy in Russia

    MOSCOW, Sept. 9 (JTA) — When Israel’s then-prime minister, Yitzhak Rabin, visited Moscow in 1994, he was widely booed by a group of Russian Jews who considered him a traitor for signing peace accords with the Palestinians. The protesters even tried to hurl rotten tomatoes at Rabin. But when current Prime Minister Ariel Sharon entered…