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  • Report: Assad vows help on POWs

    Syria’s president reportedly pledged to help secure the release of three captive Israeli soldiers.

  • Hopes rise alongside Russian shul

    The Reform movement’s goal of attracting largely secular post-Soviet Jews has been limited by insufficient funding, so the building of a new synagogue in St. Petersburg is generating much excitement.

  • Taking a back seat to Chabad in Russia

    After years of bitter competition between two Jewish umbrella groups, few doubt that the Chabad-led Federation of Jewish Communities, or FEOR, has overtaken the Congress of Jewish Religious Organizations and Communities of Russia, or KEROOR, as the major

  • Babi Yar documentary hits Ukrainian TV

    A documentary about the Nazi massacre of tens thousands of Jews at Babi Yar will air on Ukrainian National TV.

  • Israel Apartheid Week’ begins

    For the third year, activists in several cities will take part in “Israeli Apartheid Week,” a series of events focusing on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

  • Lebanon war has no name

    A group of Israelis who lost sons in Lebanon last year are campaigning for the government to give the war a name.

  • Livni: Anti-Semitism should be top priority

    Israel’s foreign minister told a Jerusalem gathering that fighting anti-Semitism must be Israel’s top priority.

  • Western Wall compromise reached

    Israel’s Conservative movement reached a compromise with the government over freedom of men and women to worship together at an area of the Western Wall.

  • Hezbollah demands confiscated guns

    Hezbollah demanded the return of a truckload of guns confiscated by Lebanese customs agents.

  • Klezmatics win Grammy

    A klezmer music group won a Grammy.