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  • Jews close synagogue in Vilnius

    A dispute over Lithuania’s Jewish community’s leadership has forced the only synagogue in the country’s capital to close for the first time since the Holocaust.

  • Celebration highlights Russian Jews’ progress

    The crowd that gathered at Moscow’s Choral Synagogue to celebrate Israel Independence Day showed just how far the Russian Jewish community has come since the collapse of Communism, an era when many Jews were afraid to acknowledge their heritage.

  • Russian Jews make Forbes list

    A list of Russian billionaires in Forbes magazine that features at least nine Jewish tycoons has some Russian Jews worried that the rankings may reinforce anti-Semitic stereotypes.

  • Passion’ plays in Russia

    A Russian human rights group said it would examine the possibility of filing a lawsuit against the producers of the movie “The Passion of the Christ” and the Russian company that is distributing it.

  • Religious leaders of the FSU unite

    A new interfaith group in the former Soviet Union has passed a resolution condemning terrorism — and could become a defender of minority rights in the region.

  • Jews unmoved by Putin’s win

    After he easily won re-election, Russian President Vladimir Putin made sure to address widespread concern about democracy in Russia — a concern that kept many Jews from from going to the polls to take part in an election with few realistic options.

  • ‘Mountain Jewish’ leader killed in Moscow

    The motive for killing the leader of Russia´s so-called Mountain Jews is unknown, but many Jewish leaders suspect the murder had more to do with his business operations than his religion.

  • Russian Jew named prime minister

    The Jewish man named Russia´s new prime minister is little known to the country´s Jewish community. While some Jewish leaders welcomed him, others expressed anxiety over a potential backlash from his nomination.

  • Making matzah in Ukraine

    A new matzah factory in Ukraine is believed to be the largest in the former Soviet Union. It has started cranking out shmura matzah for consumers in Israel, Western Europe and the United States, and is providing an economic boost to the local Jewish commu

  • Hillel steps up FSU efforts

    In its decade of operating in the former Soviet Union, Hillel has reached thousands of Jewish students. Now it´s gearing up for a more aggressive approach to reach the largely unaffiliated Jewish youths in the region.