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  • Israeli officials visit Moscow

    With the International Court of Justice hearings about the security barrier just around the corner, Israeli Cabinet minister Ehud Olmert visited Moscow to encourage Russian support on the issue and to discuss Russia’s positions on other Middle East issues

  • Program feeds street kids in Ukraine

    A one-of-a-kind Jewish-run organization sends a bus through a Ukrainian city to deliver food packages to area kids who live on the streets.

  • Russian Jewish unity plan quashed

    The failure of a plan to combine Russian Jewry’s two main umbrella organizations has highlighted a four-year rivalry between the two groups.

  • Jewish activist arrested in Belarus

    The arrest of a Jewish activist due to his confrontational criticism of Belarussia´s decisions about Jewish historical sites has triggered mixed reactions among Jewish leaders.

  • Moscow bomb kills Jewish student

    A Jewish student was one of five victims killed by a suicide bombing in Moscow that may have been intended for the Kremlin and the Russian Parliament building.

  • After vote, fears for Russia’s future

    The overwhelming victory in Russia´s Parliamentary electionsby a party closely aligned with President Vladimir Putin led many to express concern for Russian democracy.

  • Jewish pieces of Russia’s election puzzle

    Candidates for the upcoming Russian elections, scrambling to appeal to voters, are looking as far afield as the Middle East, where Russian Israelis may cast decisive votes in some races.

  • Forum focuses on Yukos case

    Participants at a discussion in Moscow regarding the case of a Jew jailed in the early 20th century on charges of killing a Christian boy for ritual purposes drew parallels between the law in the Russian Empire and those of modern Russia, specifically the

  • Russian Jewish philanthropist cuts funding

    The crackdown on Russian oil giant Yukos is dripping down to local Jews, as a Russian Jewish philanthropist with ties to the embattled company says he will cut funding to his central Jewish project in Russia.

  • Russian Jews cool on Sharon´s call

    Russian Jews who turned out to hear visiting Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon speak were disappointed that he urged them to move to Israel without referring to the successes and needs of the local Jewish community.